Andy Gump appearance

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Andy Gump appearance

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Andy Gump


A descriptive term for the appearance of a person with a hypoplastic mandible due to various causes, which has been likened to that of Andy Gump. 

Management Use fibula as a donor for microsurgical jaw reconstruction 

Andy Gump was a comic strip character with a minimalist mandible who was syndicated in multiple newspapers in the 1920s

Andy Gump appearance 

• Congenital, as seen in Pierre-Robin deformity and in otocephaly; in the latter, the mandibular hypoplasia and associated deformities are incompatible with extrauterine life  

• Post-surgical Resection of the upper mandible as part of aggressive surgery in cancer of the floor of the mouth  

• Post-traumatic A fracture unique to elderly edentulous subjects, in which there is posterior mandibular displacement and airway obstruction, thus known as an “Andy Gump fracture” 

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