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Kiss of the Dragon image from New Medical Terms

Kiss of the Dragon image from New Medical Terms

Kiss of the Dragon


A Hollywood film starring Jet Li and Bridget Fonda in which the bad guy–played to creepy perfection by Tchéky Karyo–dies when Li places an acupuncture needle in a very forbidden place known as Kiss of the Dragon in Karyo’s neck

Kiss of the Dragon Yamen image from New Medical Terms

Kiss of the Dragon Yamen

The Kiss of the Dragon appears to correspond to point 15 (Yamen) of the Governing Vessel in a chart which is widely used in acupuncture therapy. This same point can be used for knockouts in martial arts and can be lethal. Therapeutic needling requires great caution as the incorrect angle of the needle insertion can (in theory) direct the needle into the cerebellum and even into the brainstem. This would require a very long needle and great aim.

However, in practice, no adverse effects associated with this acupuncture point  have been reported in the medical literature. To do harm by needling this point, an acupuncturist must be extremely ignorant, arrogant and very creative at the same time…or require secret knowledge and special skills possessed only by a highly select group of martial artists.

Synonym Yamen


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