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Flexner Report 

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Flexner Report (1910)


Definition A study of 155 medical schools in North America commissioned by the Carnegie Foundation, conducted by Abraham Flexner in the early 1900s, and published in book form in 1910.

Comment Flexner’s criticism was harsh: he described Chicago’s 14 medical schools as …a disgrace to the State whose laws permit its existence…indescribably foul…the plague spot of the nation. He concluded that Johns Hopkins Medical School provided an adequate medical education, and that Case Western Reserve, Michigan, Wake Forest, McGill, and University of Toronto weren’t too shabby. The Report was instrumental in reforming North American medical education; it shifted the orientation of training physicians towards research and education, and led to the appointment of full-time faculty dedicated to the furtherance of medical science. 

Synonym Carnegie Foundation Bulletin Number Four 

References JAMA 1991; 265:1555

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