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Don Juan syndrome 

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Don Juan


An informal non-clinical term for male paraphilia in which insecurity about one’s own masculinity and/or latent homosexuality is masked by multiple sexual liaisons with different female partners, without emotional commitment, but not as a paid gigolo, hustler, or call boy.

Don Juans enjoy the victory of seduction rather than its sensual results. To Freudians, this represents an Oedipus complex in which sexual promiscuity represents a search for maternal love. It is considered a sociopathy, as there is no emotion attached to the relations; many Don Juans are said to be impotent. The term is too nebulous to be used by mental health professionals or in any legal context. The term is not sanctioned by the American Psychiatric Association and is not used in the DSM-5.

Synonyms Don Juanism, male hypersexuality, satyrism 


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