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Weight Loss Target Based on Body Fat %

American Council on Exercise Weight target


Weight loss is an ongoing topic of interest for patients and providers in regards to improving overall health and preventing future illness. This program provides a mathematical basis for determining your target weight goal based on a desired body fat percentage. The body fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass, multiplied by 100. Total body fat consists of essential body fat (helps maintain critical pathways necessary for life) plus storage body fat.

The program also provides a quick estimation of your body fat percentage that can be used as a baseline in case your actual body fat percentage was never measured. Your body mass index (BMI) will also be calculated to help guide your weight loss goals. The BMI is a useful indicator of overall fitness but a poor indicator of overall health. Two subjects with the same height and weight will have the same BMI, even though they may have vastly different amounts of fat and muscle, and therefore, will have different health outcomes.





Body fat % (optional) %

Body fat % Goal (optional) %



Jackson AS formula

Percent body fat = (1.39 * BMI) + (0.16 * Age) - (10.34 * gender) - 9

Jackson, A.S., Stanforth, P.R. and Gagnon, J. (2002) The effect of sex, age and race on estimating percentage body fat from body mass index: The heritage family study. In-ternational Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 26, 789-96.


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Weight Loss Target Based on Body Fat Percentage