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widescreen tv 

Screen width calculator -Will the new widescreen TV fit?

Enter the diagonal of your new televisionInches
Approximate size of border around television - note will be multiplied by two: inches

(Note:  this program is great to determine the maximum size TV you can fit in a given spot in your home...  If buying a new 46 inch LCD for example, remember that most screens have approximately a 2.5 inch border..... Therefore, a 46 inch screen is actually 51 inches when measuring the diagonal [ See background info below]

Select the aspect ratio of your new TV:  

Background Information

See image below for a great visual of the actual size when considering the impact of  the screen border to the overall size of a specific television.  In most cases, adding 5 inches overall will improve the accuracy of this program when attempting to estimate the actual width and height.

widescreen width
Multimedia – Widescreen TV estimated screen width