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mechanic’s hand 

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mechanic’s hand


A descriptive term for the changes of the hands of patients with dermatomyositis, rarely also in polymyositis, which have been fancifully likened to the dirty, scarred, and oil-stained hands of mechanics. The change is associated with anti-synthetase autoantibodies, including myositis-specific anti-Jo1 autoantibodies.

Clinical findings Hyperkeratotic lesions on the palmar or lateral aspects of the fingers, usually at friction sites, as well as cracking, fissuring, scaling, and hyperpigmentation, accompanied by periungual erythema, linear erythematous discolouration around the nailbeds, accompanied by scaling, hyper- and hypopigmentation, and eventually brauny induration with darkened or “dirty” horizontal line across the lateral and palmar aspects of the fingers–from whence the name–and pink to violaceous scaling over joint flexures–e.g., the knuckles, elbows, and knees

Synonyms Labourer’s hand, machinist’s hand

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