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maximum absorbency garment

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maximum absorbency garment


The device that de-glamourises gliding through the galaxy, which is nothing more than a diaper worn by astronauts during take-off, re-entry, on long spacewalks and other extra-vehicular activity to absorb urine and faeces. A powdered chemical absorbent called sodium polyacrylate, which can absorb around 300 times its weight in distilled water, is incorporated into the fabric of the garment, allowing the device to be worn up to 10 hours before changing.

The MAG gained a certain notoriety in 2007, when ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak drove 1,450 km to attack Air Force officer Colleen Shipman out of jealousy over a former lover. Per a police report, Nowak used the MAGs to avoid making pit stops during her journey, which she later denied. 

Synonyms Space diaper, space nappie 


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