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shuicide bomber 

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shuicide bomber


A suicide bomber with an explosive device in his shoe.

The honour of being the first, and thus far only, would be shuicide bomber goes to Richard Colvin Reid, born a British citizen in 1973 in Bromley. His 15 minutes of fame come from his nickname, the “shoe bomber”. He is a self-admitted member of Al Qaeda and pled guilty in 2003 in U.S. federal court to eight criminal counts of terrorism stemming from his failed attempt to destroy a commercial aircraft in-flight. The plastic explosives hidden in his shoes didn’t detonate due to a wet fuse. He is serving a life sentence without parole in a super maximum security prison in the US. We owe pre-boarding shoe-shedding to this Dick. 

Synonyms The Shoe Bomber, shoe-i-cide bomber 


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