garrote image from New Medical Terms

garroting by Valesquez


noun A weapon of assassination used by soldiers, hitmen and sundry thugs in various Hollywood flicks, and as a device for capital punishment in the Iberian peninsula until being abolished in the late 1970s.

Garrotes consist of a choking part—which is looped around the victim’s/alleged miscreant’s–V/AM neck and come in a cornucopia of flavours, to wit, cord, rope, band, wire, etc, and a twisting part—in case the V/AM didn’t already know he was screwed, which is tightened until he gurgles his last.

First used by the Romans to dispatch enemies of state, the Spanish and Portuguese warmed to it in the Middle Ages, carried it to the New World and used it on Incan emperor Atahualpa. Here, a painting by Eugenio Lucas Velázquez it is used to kill a victim of the Spanish Inquisition.

verb To kill or execute by garroting

Synonym Garrote vil, garrotte 


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