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Faroe Islands 


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Faroe Islands

A north Atlantic archipelago located between Norway and Iceland–capital Torshavn, population 46,000, major industry, fishing, which has an isolated population.

Medical interest in Faroe Islands

• Last stronghold of leprosy in North Atlantic Proc Roy Soc Med 1975; 68:21 (1700s)

• Measles killed 25% of its then population of 8000 (1846)

• First reported cases of multiple sclerosis coincided with the landing of British troops, lending support to a slow viral aetiology Ann Neurol 1979; 5:6 (1943)

• High consanguinity linked to autosomal recessive diseases–e.g., encephalomyopathic mtDNA depletion due to SUCLA2 mutations Brain 130: 853-861, 2007

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