Seder syncope

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Seder syncope

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Seder plate


Definition A vasovagal collapse induced by the horseradish (active ingredient, isothiocyanate) used in the celebration of Seder*. 

*A Jewish ritual feast which marks the beginning of the Jewish high holiday of Passover. The Passover Seder Plate contains six symbolic foods of which horseradish symbolises maror (9 o’clock) the bitterness of the Jews’ slavery in ancient Egypt, and the bête noire of the Seder syncope. The other components of the Seder plate are beitzah (egg, 11 o’clock) chazeret (bitter lettuce, 1 o’clock), zeroa (shank bone, 3 o’clock), karpas (a non-bitter vegetable, 5 o’clock), charoset (apple and nuts, 7 o’clock). If I got this wrong, please let me know. 

Synonym Horseradish syncope


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