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kanya-kanya syndrome


A constellation of petty personality traits seen in some Filipinos, which has been described as a selfish, self-serving attitude, and jealousy of others, especially of peers with status or prestige.

Typical of kanya kanya is the so-called crab mentality*–gossip, machinations, and destructive criticism which demeans others, assuming that when rivals gain, the viewer loses. Those with the syndrome often place personal and in-group interests before those of the common good, a finding typical of government bureaucrats. The public is made to feel that any service from these offices and from these civil servants is an extra perk that has to be paid for.

*After crabs climbing over each other in a basket. Perhaps this explains why Filipinos were less outraged at Imelda Marcos than was the rest of the world. 

Reference http://filipinopersonality4us.blogspot.com/2011/04/kanya-kanya-syndrome-weaknesses-of.html

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