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economy class syndrome 


(1) A popular term for deep vein thrombosis formed in the lower leg after prolonged immobilisation in the cramped economy class seats during long-haul air flights.

Risk factors Oral contraceptive use, advanced age, sitting in a window seat–reduced likelihood of moving around cabin.

While regarded as synonymous with DVT, the ECS has not been formally studied and might encompass other musculoskeletal and possibly also GI disorders, which are related to the lesser accommodations and cuisine typical of airborne “steerage”. In early 2012, the American College of Chest Physicians concluded that there was no evidence to support this condition. 

Synonyms Cattle class syndrome, coach class syndrome, coach seat clot, coach seat syndrome, economy class clot, economy class thrombosis, immobile traveller’s syndrome, steerage syndrome, steerage class syndrome, traveler clot, traveler syndrome, traveler thrombosis, traveler clot, travellers syndrome, travellers thrombosis 


(2) A popular term for the constellation of ignominies  suffered by air passengers travelling in cattle class. 

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