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Stafford Hospital scandal 

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Stafford Hospital


A scandal which began with the UK’s Healthcare Commission’s investigation into the apparently–later confirmed–high mortality rates of patients admitted to Stafford General Hospital’s A&E (casualty) department. As it turned out, the mortality rate was just the tip of the iceberg of the

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Stafford Hospital Cynthia Bower

mess at Stafford Hospital. 

The Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust*–MSFT, which runs Stafford General, conducted an internal investigation on the allegation of high A&E mortality and, quelle surprise, found “Ain’t no problems here, Boss”.

*Foundation trust hospitals are meant to be the best hospitals in the UK

Unconvinced by MSFT’s findings, the UK Healthcare Commission, which oversees hospital trusts, launched a full scale investigation, uncovered a litany of serious problems at Stafford General, and concluded that patients weren’t properly nursed due to deliberate understaffing to save a buck or two. Patients were left lying in soiled sheets, crying in pain, frightened, and so thirsty that they drank water from flower vases. The Commission concluded patient welfare was sacrificed to meet a financial target of saving £10 million, which the Board decided could only be achieved by reducing staffing levels, which were already insufficient.

The Health Service was so angry with the incompetent executives at Stafford…that they promoted them, most notably, Cynthia Bower, who later helmed the (!!!) Care Quality Commission–CQC. Fittingly, La Bower took office on 1 April, 2009. But before you go thinking she slept her way to the top… (bottom image)

God bless her…sooooo, I’m going with the Peter principle, because Boss Bower’s CQC was making the news less than two years later, having ignored warnings by a whistle blower about the shocking systematic abuse of vulnerable adults at a residential hospital in Bristol…who knows, maybe the Secretary of State for Health job will open up…

Synonyms Mid Staffordshire Inquiry, Mid Staffordshire scandal


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