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patient turnaway 


An NHS (UK) term of art for the inability to provide a needed inpatient service due to the lack of an empty hospital bed.

Queuing for beds results in cancelled operations, placing of medical patients in surgical beds, missed waiting time targets, and the sceptre of organisational chaos, with increased hospital errors, cross-infection and patient death. 

R Jones, author of a paper to the effect in the 2011 British J of Healthcare Management compellingly argued that the Stafford Hospital scandal was linked to the unrecognised role of excessive whole hospital occupancy. Whereas major hospitals in the USA and European have a 77-78% national average bed occupancy rate, the UK average is 87%, a rate which results in patient turnaway. 

Synonym Turnaway

References Jones R (2011) Hospital bed occupancy demystified. Brit J Healthcare Man 17(6): 242-248

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