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non consultant career grade doctor 


An umbrella term for doctors in the UK who have extensive patient contact, but practice below the level of a consultant.

NCCGDs have been variously labelled as associate specialist, clinical assistant, hospital practitioner, non consultant hospital doctor, non standard grade doctor, staff grade doctor, or trust grade doctor. The term SAS–staff and associate specialist–doctor is generally preferred in the working parlance. 

Some doctors find job satisfaction in these posts, which have the advantage of extensive clinical contact, but skirt the bureaucracy and administrative and management responsibilities of a consultant post. NCCG doctors are appointed by trusts to fill gaps in services when doctors in training are not available. There are no rules to safeguard such doctors’ appointment, no formal educational opportunities, and little possibility of career progression. NCCG posts are often filled by overseas doctors who went/came to the UK for training but failed to find training posts or didn’t pass their corresponding Royal College examination. 

Synonyms Non consultant hospital doctor, trust grade doctor 

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