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cremation form 

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cremation form


Any of the forms which are required by UK law to carry out the cremation of a deceased registered at the UK Office National Statistics

In the working parlance, “crem form” refer to those forms (Medical Form B–filled out by the doctor who attended the deceased before death and Medical Form C–filled out by the doctor who confirmed the cause of death) which are filled out by doctors, for which each doctor is paid £79. Form A–Application for Cremation must be completed by the next of kin or executor, and must be countersigned by a householder who knows the person completing the form. A fourth document, Notice of Cremation, gives notice of the cremation, details of the deceased and information about the service, and is a binding contract concerning the payment of fees to the cremation authority. In Scotland, cremation also requires a Certificate of Registration of Death–BD8, which is issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths. In addition to Form A (Application for Cremation, and Medical Form B and Medical Form C), another crematorium certificate is required, which is signed by the medical referee at the crematorium  Once a death occurs, a Form 11 is issued. The Registrar keeps this document and issues a Form 14, a Form BD8 and any number of extracts the family require. The family arrange the funeral and complete a Form A. The deceased’s doctors sign Forms B and C. The crematorium requires Forms 14, A, B and C. 

Synonym Crem form 


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