An infraction or violation of the law, which may be intentional–i.e., an act of commission or unintentional–i.e., an omission


See Security breach


Non-compliance with a time-dependent target

noun A term used in the context of time-dependent health care targets in the UK, in which a particular type of patient interaction with NHS health providers didn’t occur in the mandated time frame.

In A&E (casualty), patients are meant to be seen within four hours, regardless of their level of acuity; a minute longer than 4 hours is regarded as a breach. For cancer targets, a patient is said to have breached when he/she has not been seen by an oncologist within 31 days of an urgent GP referral or definitive cancer therapy begun or at least offered to the patient within 62 days of an urgent GP referral.

verb To have not begun definitive therapy for cancer within 62 days (as required for meeting government cancer targets). 

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