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Definition A condition affecting those living in highly developed societies, which is characterised by an addiction to controlled noise–TV, entertainment; lack of financial control; disintegration of family and social networks, disconnect with the natural habitat, and living in an artificial environment



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affluenza defence

Definition A popular term for a dysfunctional family environment in which both parents work or have activities that reduce parenting time. Affluenza is not an accepted diagnosis in the American Psychiatric Association’s latest Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). 

Adverse effects Unsupervised kids/adolescents drink more, get pregnant, abuse drugs, gamble online, etc.

Affluenza was invoked by the defense for Ethan Couch, a spoiled 16-year-old shit who killed 4 people whilst driving under the influence of intoxicants (drugs and alcohol levels that were 3 times the legal limit). The defence asserted that the poor baby’s affluent parents hadn’t taught him the difference between right and wrong. The judge bought it and sentenced the turd to 10 years of probation…but no jail time!!! Not to worry…a subsequent video showed him him boozing it up and partying. He was then sentenced to  2 years of jail. The take-home message is, how much “justice” can you afford. 

Synonyms Spoiled brat syndrome

Reference USN&WR 10/2/00, p52,

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