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Haff disease 

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Haff disease, Landkarte, Ostprueßen


A condition defined as rhabdomyolysis within 24 hours of ingesting fish. It occurred in “epidemic” waves–1924, 1925, 1940–affecting ±1000 people who lived near Königsberg Bay, Lithuania and was recently reported in the US, all 6 cases had consumed buffalo fish–Ictiobus cyprinellus

Aetiology Ingestion of fish tainted with cellulose-derived toxic resins and/or arsine from paper-processing plants that discharged waste into Haff waters had been postulated, more recently, unidentified toxins in eels and fish have been blamed

Clinical findings Myalgia, dyspnoea, dysuria, myoglobulinuria; 1% mortality due to renal failure. 

Translation Haff, German, bay, harbour 

Reference en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haff_disease

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