menthol cigarette

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menthol cigarette

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menthol cigarettes


A self-explanatory term for a cigarette with menthol flavouring. First produced in 1925 under the Spud Menthol Cooled Cigarette banner, current brands of menthol cigarettes include Kool, Salem, Newport, Misty, Consulate, Belair, and menthol versions of Pall Mall, Marlboro, and Camel. Menthol cigarettes constitute 20% of all cigarettes sold in the US; they are widely preferred by African American; 80% of African Americans who smoke, smoke menthol cigarettes.

Accumulating data suggest that it is more difficult to quit smoking menthol cigarettes than non-menthol cigarettes, an observation attributed to the cooling effect of menthol, which allows the smoker to inhale deeper, deliver more nicotine and (apparently to the tobacco industry’s delight) increase his or her nicotine dependence. The tobacco industry is  aware of the link between menthol cigarettes and addiction and may adjust menthol to create a milder experience for first time smokers. 


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