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black tobacco


A popular term for pungent, relatively crude air-cured tobacco. 

Note: Black tobacco–BKT was once regarded as less carcinogenic as the incidence of lung cancer in countries consuming black tobacco was lower, a finding that was probably a statistical artefact due to slowly increasing exposure. BKT may in fact be more malevolent than blonde tobacco–BLT, as the incidence of bladder cancer in BKT smokers is 2.5-fold greater than in BLT smokers and the urine of BKT smokers contains twice the mutagenic activity as BLT smokers; when skin surfaces are painted with the 2 tars, the latency to cancer formation in the BKT was shorter; there is no difference in lung cancer rates. Cigarettes produced from BKT include Corollas–Spain, Gauloise–France 

Reference Carcinogenesis 1989; 10:577

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