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standard drink

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Definition A notional volume containing a specified amount of alcohol. One unit of alcohol is about 8 grams of pure ethanol, equal to a half pint of beer, a (small) glass of wine, half a glass of sherry or port, one measure (shot glass) of spirits

Don’t be fooled by the adjective “standard,” it differs by country. In Japan, 25 ml of alcohol–contained in a 500 ml beer–is 1.0 standard drink. The Austrians regard that same beer as 3.2 standard drinks. The wiki defines the standard for 18 countries. In the US, it is a “unit” of alcohol equal to 44 ml–a “shot”–of 40% alcohol by volume, aka “hard” liquor–gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, or 150 ml of 12% alcohol by volume–e.g., wine, or 360 ml of 5% alcohol by volume–e.g., beer

Synonym Standardised drink


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