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hangover pill

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Jeeve’s hangover cure


An experimental enzyme-loaded pill which may enter clinical trials as a way of reducing GI tract absorption of alcohol. The pill contains:

• Alcohol oxidase–which oxidises alcohol, producing hydrogen peroxide–H2O2

• Catalase–which breaks H2O2 down into water and oxygen

The enzyme combination is covered by a polymer capsule a few nanometers in thickness, which allows alcohol to diffuse into the pill, while protecting the enzymes from breakdown by the host.

45 minutes after ingestion, pill-treated mice had blood alcohol levels 16% lower than control mice; at 3 hours, the alcohol levels were 35% lower. Bertie didn’t have one…but he had Jeeves…

Reference http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130220114337.htm  

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