cocaine nose

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cocaine nose

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cocaine nose (with collapsed septum)


A popular term for the constellation of findings seen in chronic intranasal–snorting cocaine abusers 

Clinical findings Frequent rubbing of nose, chronic rhinitis, rhinorrhoea, loss of sense of smell and, due to loss of nasal mucosa, matrix and necrosis of intranasal septum, a nose to smell with 

Surgical complications Localised septal collapse, poor mucosal healing, inadequate correction of septal deflection 

Rhinoscopy From nothing to perforation of nose and hard palate 

Pathology Granulomas, inflammation, massive mucosal oedema, mucosal erosion, ulceration, and perforation of nasal septum 

Management Rhinoplasty on highly selected patients–the results are often poor; submucosal resection and septoplasty should be avoided 

Synonym Coke nose

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