amotivational syndrome

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amotivational syndrome

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amotivational syndrome…uh…dude…uh…what was I saying


Definition A popular term for the lack of desire to participate in social activities, personal interests, professional pursuits and interpersonal relationships, which was linked to marijuana.

Authors in the 1970s to mid-1980s attributed the lack of motivation to marijuana use*; the term infiltrated popular culture and was said to most commonly affect young men, learning disabled and emotionally immature individuals. The World Health Organisation has weighed in and formally said that there is no evidence to support the diagnosis of amotivational syndrome.

*Marijuana has been traditionally viewed as a drug that reinforces passivity and social withdrawal, causing a loss of interest in the environment, general apathy and passivity, loss of desire to work or perform adequately, lack of energy, impaired ability to concentrate and process new information, slovenly appearance and habits, and a lifestyle that revolves in part around procuring marijuana and other drugs. 


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