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Castle Bravo


Definition The code name for an atmospheric detonation of a 15*-megaton thermonuclear device by the US in the Pacific Ocean.

Comment Bravo was the most powerful nuclear device ever detonated by the USA and one-third the energy of the most powerful device ever detonated. Its 15 megatons far exceeded the expected yield of 4 to 8 megatons, and resulted in the largest accidental radioactive contamination caused by the USA. It was detonated on 01.03.1954 on the Bikini Atoll of the northern Marshall Islands. Most of the 253 inhabitants of the Rongelap and Utrik Atolls suffered acute radiation sickness and later developed thyroid tumours–nodules or cancer, due to exposure to beta radiation from radioiodine…all in the name of detente…God bless America. 

Synonym Bravo 


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