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beam therapy 


A generic term for the use of ionising radiation to manage cancer



An alternative “therapy” which is marketed as a simple, safe, effective, efficient, relatively gentle method of releasing past unprocessed emotions along with associated toxins.

It is self directed and based on the use of a simple chakra procedure and vibration frequencies. It can be used, therefore, for any problem and age. According to the website, most of the practitioners are based in Canada, out of the reach of the FDA, which frowns on claims of efficacy. Glowing testimonials (on said website) notwithstanding, without peer reviewed data, the effects of BEAM therapy, if any, should be viewed with a jaundiced eye and best attributed to suggestibility and/or placebo effect

Synonym Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method 


“Treatment” of various conditions with colours of the visible light spectrum.

There are no peer-reviewed data to even vaguely suggest that colour therapy is anything beyond slick charlatanism. Beam therapists live beyond the reach of the FDA. Caveat emptor


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