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health forecasting 


A neo-discipline* which studies the near term alterations in a population’s health state, based on changes in the weather.  

*Championed by a UK GP who became the Met (formerly, Meteorological) Office’s first Clinical Director in 2002.

Weather effects on health

• Cold May contribute to 40,000 deaths/year (UK), especially from COPD; to reduce mortality, keep active when outdoors; dress warmly, cover head, hands, keep indoor temperatures > 21ºC/69ºF

• Heat Heat waves are linked to a 30% increase in mortality in the very young and very old

• Thunderstorms May cause asthma epidemics in periods of high pollen or fungal spores counts

• Low boundary layers May facilitate viral transmission in stagnant air

Synonyms Meteorological medicine, weather medicine 


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