nude mouse

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nude mouse

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nude mouse


Definition A mutant strain of mice which is hair-less, thymus-less and T cell-less due to congenital thymic aplasia.

Genetics Nude mice have a spontaneous deletion of FOXN1, which encodes  forkhead box N1, a transcriptional regulator involved in development, especially of the immune system. Humans with defective FOXN1 have T-cell immunodeficiency—congenital alopecia—and nail dystrophy OMIM:601705.  

Comment Nude mice must be raised in a germ-free–gnotobiotic environment to survive normal environmental flora. They are especially useful for studying graft-versus-host disease.

Nude mice cannot

• Form antibodies, which requires CD4+ helper T cells

• Generate a cell-mediated immune responses, which requires CD4+ and/or CD8+ T cells

• Mount delayed-type hypersensitivity response, which requires CD4+ T cells

• Kill virus-infected or malignant cells, which requires CD8+ cytotoxic T cells

• Reject grafts, which requires both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells  


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