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exotic pet 

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pet alligator


A term which, as commonly used, includes any animal kept as pet that is usually not sold in standard pet shops–i.e., anything other than a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, garden snake, weasel, and fish, and which is not generally regarded as domesticated.

Legal issues Exotic pets are illegal in most US States but, except for banning the transportation of big cats across State lines, most relevant laws are poorly enforced.

Health issues Exotic pets may act as vectors of human diseases–e.g., salmonellosis and rabies. They may succumb to human disease–e.g., streptococcal infections. Caring for exotic pet disease is expensive, given the need for specialisation by veterinarians.

Domestication Most exotic pets retain their wild side and cause 3.5 deaths/year

Exotic pets, broad groups

• Reptiles Alligator, python, boa constrictor, iguana

• Big cats Ocelot, jaguar, bobcat , tiger, lion

• Etc. Anteater, chimpanzee, marmoset, fox, hedgehog, scorpion

Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exotic_pet

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