boa constrictor

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boa constrictor

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boa constrictor


A large constrictor snake, native to tropical America, which measures up to 4 metres.

While constrictors may be up for a good hug, they don’t always know where to draw the line. Between 1978 and 2012, 17 people have died from constritor snake-related incidents; 4 of the victims were babies sleeping in their cribs; 3 were children (ages 3, 8, 15). Surprisingly, none of the deaths occurred in West Virginia.

Boa constrictors have been kept (illegally) as pets.…presumably to control the local shi-tzu population. Hard-core ophidiophiles prefer the larger Burmese python (Python bivittatus), also a constrictor, the largest of which, named “Baby” was kept at Safari Park in Gurnee, Illinois and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest snake in captivity; it was said to weigh 183 kg and measure 7.6 metres; Baby was measured after death at 5.74 metres.

The lifetime odds of dying from a constrictor-related death in the USA have been estimated to be 1 in 9 million…that’s comforting


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