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The Dictionary of Alternative Medicine

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This is the second edition of a work first published by Simon and Schuster’s medical division in 1997. As noted elsewhere, I have not updated any of my eBook publications, because of my belief that any lexicon intended for health professionals should “reside” in a database, which provides users with virtually instantaneous access to information, unlike text-based formats.

The third edition resides in the Dictionary of Modern Medicine database, which the user can access elsewhere on this website

The key question regarding alternative and complementary health practice is: Should medically-qualified (real) doctors take alternative medicine seriously? Yes and no. Non-traditional preventive health measures in reducing the risk of western diseases, through diet, exercise and lifestyle modification. It fails, sometimes spectacularly, to improve the lot of patients once dread diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis develop.

The Dictionary of Alternative Medicine was compiled by a pathologist. It separates the wheat of facts from the chaff of fantasy about non-traditional medicine. The bottom line is, few of them actually work…and with the increased drive towards evidence-based practice, insurers are less inclined to pay for quack or questionable therapies.

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