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The Dictionary of British Medicine

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This work is a collection of terminology germane to British medicine and includes the broadest range of material that’s been put in a book in the last 50 years. With over 6300 entries, this will satisfy the serious reader looking for translations of abbreviations commonly found in charts and reports, as well as material related to doctors, discipline, the GMC, the NHS, specialty training and so on. It will also quench the thirst of browsers who may not be health professionals, but like to dip in and come way with gems obliquely related to medicine in the UK as well as to British life. This is the first book to tackle the complex and confusing language that is the stuff of British medical practice and, where applicable, provides pronunciation guidelines for key words that are pronounced differently on “the other side.” The reader will find text bites about Bloodgate, the Hillsborough disaster, the Alder Hey scandal, the Bolam and Bolitho tests, Gillick competence, Shipman, Allitt and other serial killers, the Black Dog Strangler, Peter the Cannibal, village idiot, the NHS reforms, blue, orange, and red books, The Red phone, and far more.

Note: I finished this (the first) edition in 2010 as an eBook. I have abandoned the eBook platform for a number of reasons, delineated elsewhere in this work. Readers interested in the second (2017), heavily revised second edition can download it (currently gratis) at the bottom of the homepage of


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