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Coming soon

The reader will find the why’s and wherefore’s of the New Medical Terms (NMT) website, and the Dictionary of Modern Medicine database (DMMD) from which it derives elsewhere. The intent of this über brief page is to inform readers about what’s in the pipeline and will be released as a refresh of an increasingly useful resource within the next 90-ish days.

Version 2 of the published portion of the DMMD has been available for downloading since late August 2018. It has over 45,000 proper definitions in one of seven areas: Abbreviations & Acronyms, Alternative Medicine, British Medicine, Genes, Hereditary Syndromes, Sexology, and Suicidology. The homepage has a breakdown of how many definitions there are in each category. In addition to the 45K definitions, there are about 100,000 aliases/synonyms; some dictionaries count an alias–e.g., celiac disease, as an entry, when it is merely a synonym of gluten-sensitive enteropathy. We think that’s cheating. We include aliases only in the 1% of cases when their inclusion reduces confusion, for example in nonsydromic myopias, the nomenclature skips from myopia 3 to myopia 5 (myopia 4 later proved to be myopia 17). We feel it’s appropriate to explain gaps.

Some of the NMT’s published subdatabases–e.g., Medical Abbreviations & Acronyms are complete enough to become one’s “go to” source of information. Others–e.g., the Genes and Hereditary Syndromes subdatabases, whilst seemingly large with 12,200 genes and 2,300 syndromes respectively, need more entries before either can, in the vernacular, “deliver the goods.”

I expect to finish version 3 by the first week of November. It should add an additional 800 genes, bringing the number of genes defined to 13,000 and another 2,800 hereditary syndromes, bringing hereditary syndromes to 5,000-ish. No new subdatabases are planned for v.3.

Between the bimonthly updates, which are planned for odd months (January, March, May, July, September, October), I plan to release blocks of 10 to 50 new medical terms that I’ve come across, on even months. I will list them on New Medical Term’s Facebook page (, and define them here as blogs.

Stay tuned…!!!