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The reader will find the why’s and wherefore’s of the New Medical Terms (NMT) website, and the Dictionary of Modern Medicine database (DMMD), from which the NMT derives elsewhere. The intent of this über short page is to inform readers and users about what’s in the pipeline and will be released as a refresh of an increasingly useful resource within the next couple of months.

I just (March 2019) finished version 6 of the public release of the DMMD, which is free to all users with a Mac or an iOS device; a Windows version will be out soon. The 6th edition (v.6) has over 58,000 proper definitions in one of nine data sets:

Medical Abbreviations & Acronyms (MA&As)

Alternative Medicine (AM)

British Medicine (BM)

Evidence-based Medicine (new to version 6)


Hereditary Syndromes (HS)

Old/Retired Terminology



Some data sets–e.g., MA&As, AM and BM are complete enough to become your ‘go to’ source of information in the named areas. Others, whilst large (Genes has 14,000 entries and HSs has 6,500 entries), are works-in-progress and will continue to grow.

We invite you to download version 6 of the DMMD directly to your Mac Pending; for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), you’ll need to first download Filemaker Go For both formats, the user name is user; the password is user (they are case sensitive). The Windows formatted version is due shortly. Filemaker does not support Android devices. Once we procure sponsorship, the data will be accessible on all devices. 

On the plate for the 7th edition (version 7), which will ‘wrap’ at the end of April, are more genes and an entirely new data set: Therapeutic monoclonals and Recently Approved Drugs—which are poorly covered in the other medical dictionaries. It’s harder to pin down what you’ll see in v.8 (planned for July, 2019); definitely more genes and another data set, most likely, Sport medicine.

In even months (April, June, August), we will add the occasional term on the Facebook page ( It’s pretty ambitious…we shall see…in any event… Stay Tuned…!!!