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mirror syndrome 


A rare condition characterised by fetal and placental hydrops and maternal pre-eclampsia

Aetiology Obstetrical problems including Rh incompatibility, metabolic disease, fetal infection, and fetal malformations, possibly linked to high-output cardiac failure in the mother, possibly due to the release of hormones or vasoactive substances by the placenta 

Clinical findings 

• Maternal Oedema, albuminuria, pre-eclampsia; lab findings may include anaemia, increased uric acid

• Fetal Ascites, hydrops, twin-twin transfusion

Synonyms Ballantyne syndrome, triple oedema syndrome 

Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_syndrome


A rare form of anterograde amnesia described in 2007 by Giovannini Conchiglia, a loose interpretation of which was seen on House, MD, Series 4, Episode 5.

In the syndrome–assuming it actually exists–patients mimic those around them. It is linked to damage to the fronto-temporal cortex. 

Synonyms Giovannini mirror syndrome, Zelig-like syndrome 

References Conchiglia, G, Rocca, GD & Grossi, D (2007). Zelig-like syndrome. Neurocase, iFirst, 1-5.Î


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