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ACHOO syndrome 

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ACHOO syndrome


ACHOO syndrome is an autosomal dominant (OMIM:100820) condition affecting ± 25% of the general population, characterised by paroxysms of sneezing when passing from dark to bright light or direct sunlight (the so-called helicociliosternutatogenic reflex) or in response to periocular injections. Two-thirds of photic sneezers are female, 94% are white. 

At least one study suggests that it is acquired rather than inherited. 

Synonyms ACHOO or ADCHOO–Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst, helicociliosternutatogenic reflex, Peroutka sneeze, photic sneeze reflex, photic sneeze response, photogenic sneezing, sneezing from light exposure, photoptarmosis, sun sneezing 

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