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tummy tuck

tummy tuck image from New Medical Terms

Tammy’s untucked tummy (left)  Tammy’s tucked tummy (right)


Definition A popular term for a cosmetic procedure used to excise excess skin and submacent tissue on the anterior abdominal wall. 

Procedure A large horizontal ellipse or wedge of skin and fat is excised from the anterior lower abdomen, and an upper abdominal flap is stretched to the suprapubic incision and sewn in place; the umbilicus is exteriorised through an incision in the flap at the proper level

Raison d’etre Vanity, loose tissue after significant weight loss.

Cost $6500 to $8500

Number procedures 2012 107,000

Synonym Abdominoplasty 

Reference http://www.plasticsurgery.org/Documents/news-resources/statistics/2012-Plastic-Surgery-Statistics/Cosmetic-Procedure-Trends-2012.pdf 

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