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question mark ear

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question mark ear deformity


A descriptive term for a malformation of the external ear defined by the presence of a cleft between the lower part of the helix and the lobule* which was fancifully likened by an early author to a question mark…the name stuck.

*The lobe is relatively laterally recessed compared to the upper portion of the ear.

Where found It may occur as an sporadic anomaly or occur in question mark ears—isolated (OMIM:612798) which is caused by a mutation of EDN1, the gene that encodes endothelin 1

Variations From small notch to complete separation of the helix from the lobe; uni- or bilateral; scapha may be absent

Differential diagnosis Cleft helix—cleft is within the helix.

Synonyms Constricted ear, Cosman ear 


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