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metal plate in the head

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metal plate in the head


A flat plate used to cover large defects of the skull following major trauma or the need to decompress the brain. 

4–14% of polymethylmethacrylate plates and 3–10% of hydroxyapatite-based implants require replacement. In a review of 26 patients with computer-assisted design/computer-assisted modelled (CAD/CAM) titanium implants followed for 8 years. 68% described their outcomes as excellent, 24% as good, 8% as fair; 84% were pain free; 88% were satisfied with the cosmetic results provided by the CAD/CAMsystem.

Not for anything, mate, I’d think that cosmetic results would be the least concern for someone who needs a metal plate

Synonym Cranioplasty plate 

Reference Neurosurg Focus 26 (6):E10, 2009

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