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lip augmentation 

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lip augmentation…wowzers


A generic term for any aesthetic/cosmetic procedure, most of which are based on injections of natural or synthetic materials, implants or surgery to create fuller “kissable” lips, while reducing wrinkles around the mouth (the image is a before and after). 

Adverse effects Bleeding, asymmetry, implant migration,  extrusion of filler material and allergic reactions–e.g., swelling or itching, redness, or firmness at the injection site. 

Temporary lip augmentation–LA Achieved with collagen and fat injections, which require repeat treatments to maintain the desired appearance, as the materials are absorbed; collagen lasts 3-4 months, fat lasts slightly longer, but is unpredictable and associated with lumping and scarring

Quasipermanent lip augmentation Achieved with natural implanted materials; AlloDerm–a manufactured sheet of (natural) collagen–is inserted through tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth, and integrates with native tissues.

Permanent lip augmentation Achieved with implants, either synthetic, or with inserts using donated skin, which require ±1 week for recovery; allergies to the inserts are a risk; a low-risk LA–but permanent–solution entails use of Gore-Tex, a well-tolerated material; those toying with LA should start with collagen to see if they like it; synthetic LA options include SoftForm, soft ePTFE, injections–Autologen, a dermal implant material made from self skin, Dermalogen–human tissue matrix procured from donor tissue, HylaForm–donor tissue made up of a molecular component of the body, Restylane–a hyaluronic acid-based clear gel; implanted materials include fascia–donor tissue made from the dense connective; non-surgical forms of LA allows immediate resumption of normal activities 

Synonyms Lip boost, lip enhancement 


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