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Krickenbeck classification

Krickenbeck classification rectourethral fistula image from New Medical Terms

Krickenbeck classificaition Rectourethral fistula


Definition A modification of the Peña classification of anorectal malformations–ARMs based on a workshop held in Krickenbeck in 2005, which divides ARMs according to the type of the fistula and includes rare variants (image is a rectourethral fistula–the most common ARM in male infants).

Krickenbeck classification

Major clinical groups

• Perineal (cutaneous) fistula

• Rectourethral fistula   

  – Prostatic  

  – Bulbar

• Rectovesical fistula

• Vestibular fistula

• Cloaca

• ARMs with no fistula

• Anal stenosis

Rare or regional variants

• Pouch colon atresia/stenosis

• Rectal atresia/stenosis

• Rectovaginal fistula 

• H-type fistula

• Others 

Synonyms International System, Krickenback classification of anorectal malformations

References Journal of Pediatric Surgery (2005) 40 , 1521-1526

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