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European Laryngological Society classification 


A classification proposed by the (drum rolls, please) European Laryngological Society, for the different types of laryngeal endoscopic cordectomies, as a means of assessing post-operative results. The operations are classified according to the surgical approach used and the degree of resection in order to facilitate use of the classification in daily practice. 

Types of Cordectomy

I      Subepithelial cordectomy–resection of the epithelium

II     Subligamental cordectomy–resection of the epithelium, Reinke’s space and vocal ligament

III    Transmuscular cordectomy–through vocalis muscle

IV    Total cordectomy

Va   Extended cordectomy–encompasses the contralateral vocal fold and the anterior commissure

Vb   Extended cordectomy–includes arytenoid

Vc    Extended cordectomy–encompasses subglottis

Vd   Extended cordectomy–includes the ventricle. The above is the originally proposed group

VI   Cordectomy for cancers of the anterior commissure, which have extended or not to one or both of the vocal folds, without infiltration of the thyroid cartilage

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