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spider angioma 

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spider angioma


A superficial spider-like cluster of capillaries composed of a central feeder vessel and multiple minute tortuous and dilated radiating vessels with peripheral erythaema. When the involved vessel is large, it may pulsate and blanch on pressure. Spider angiomas are classically triggered by increased circulating oestrogens as seen in pregnancy and alcoholic cirrhosis. They may also occur in chronic hepatic congestion secondary to constrictive pericarditis and may also be a normal birthmark in children

Synonyms Arterial spider, nevus arachnoideus, nevus araneosus, nevus araneus, spider, spider hemangioma, spider mole, spider nevus, spider telangiectasia, spider telangiectasis, stellar nevus, stellate angioma, stellate telangiectasia, stellate telangiectasis, vascular spider 

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