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dishwater pus 

dishwater pus mage from New Medical Terms

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Dishwater pus is a descriptive term for the seropurulent discharge typical of synergistic necrotising cellulitis caused by an anaerobic bacterial infection, which has been fancifully likened to dishwater because it is thinner than garden variety pus.

Associations Cardiorenal dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, perirectal infections.

Clinical findings 3-14 day incubation, followed by abrupt development of a malodorous lesion with sloughing of skin, gas production in wound, muscle involvement, marked systemic toxicity

Pathogenesis The material discharged is thinner because neutrophils, other cells, and generic goo have been lysed by the lecithinases and other enzymes released by culpable bacteria, in particular, Clostridia perfringens.

Management Open/aerate wound to kill anaerobes by oxygenation. 


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