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bad breath consultation

bad breath animals image from New Medical TermsORAL PATHOLOGY

A self-explanatory term for a formal medical and/or dental consultation to confirm or exclude halitosis, assess causality and reduce or eliminate it.

Most halitosis arises in the mouth and is linked to food, notoriously, garlic, but also meat, onions, fish and cheese, (tobacco) smoking and alcohol. Local causes of halitosis include poor dental hygiene, regional infection and cancer.

bad breath consultation image from New Medical Terms

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Halitosis is worse at night, given that the mouth is usually closed, creating an anaerobic environment in which anaerobic bacteria–which are stinkier–thrive. Systemic causes of halitosis include liver failure, pneumonia and bronchitis, renal infection and failure, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. 

Synonym Halitological consultation 



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