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telephone receiver deformity

telephone receiver phone image from New Medical Terms

telephone receiver


A popular term for an ear deformity, morphologically likened to a dial telephone handset, which is an undesired result of poorly healed trauma


A descriptive term for the

telephone receiver deformity of bone image from New Medical Terms

telephone receiver deformity of long bones of the legs

long tubular bones of infants with thanatophoric dwarfism* (bottom image), which have been fancifully likened to the handheld part of an old two-piece telephone. The bones are short, broad with metaphyseal flaring, occasionally display “cupping” of end-plates; afflicted bones have a rhizomelic distribution and are markedly curved at the ends; other bone anomalies include the cloverleaf skull deformity, frontal bossing and H- or U-shaped vertebral bodies–discussed elsewhere. 

*Thanatophoric dwarfism type 1 (OMIM:187600) and 2 (OMIM:187601) are both caused by defects of FGFR3, which encodes a receptor for fibroblast growth factors that plays a key role in regulating chondrocyte differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis, skeletal development, osteogenesis, angiogenesis, wound healing, cell migration, neural outgrowth and embryonic development


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