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swimmers projection

swimmers projection swimmer image from New Medical Terms



Definition A radiological imaging position which is meant to allow optimal visualisation of the lower cervical spine

One radiographer called the

swimmers projection film image from New Medical Terms

swimmers projection

swimmers view the bane of the trauma radiographer and expressed relief that trauma teams increasingly rely on CT to assess the cervical spine when the integrity of the cervico-thoracic junction is in question. The swimmers view “…has the worst of everything: High dose, high scatter, difficult positioning, doesn’t work well on large patients or patients with shoulder injuries, it is often performed under pressure (e.g. in the resuscitation room) and has important anatomic structures.

The projection is named after the swimming stroke known as freestyle, front crawl, or Australian Crawl.

The caption reads The two crosstable lateral Swimmer’s views above demonstrate the apophyseal joints formed by C7/T1, and the posterior architecture of C7. The 3 contour lines can be drawn through T2 on this radiograph which completes the diagnostic criteria for the lateral image(s) of the cervical spine (from https://www.ceessentials.net/article15.html)

Synonyms Swimmer’s projection, swimmer’s technique, swimmer’s view. The phrase swimmers projection seems preferable, given that the phrase swimmers technique flags non-imaging-related information referring to various techniques used by swimmers–author’s note.

Reference www.wikiradiography.com/page/The+Swimmers+View    


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