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snowstorm appearance


Imaging—breast A descriptive term for the ultrasonographic appearance of breast tissue surrounding a ruptured silicon breast implant, which is associated with silicone granulomas that impart a dirty shadowing in extracapsular breast silicone leaks

Synonym Echogenic confusion

Imaging—chest A descriptive term for a grainy or ground-glass appearance seen on

(1) Plain AP film–DiffDx Extensive metastatic thyroid carcinoma   

snowstorm appearance image from New Medical Terms

echocardiogram with snowstorm appearance due to fat embolism

(2) Ultrasonography in massive fat embolism, which corresponds to diffuse pulmonary or cardiac infiltrates

Differential diagnosis Molar pregnancy

Fat emboli in the left atrium (L(1), left ventricle (LV), and Aorta (Ao). Shown are multiple small echogenic vesicles in the LA, LV, and Ao. Contraction of the right ventricle (RV) was decreased, and ventricular septum was overhung toward the LV snowstorm pattern)


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